1. Generally

1.1 The following terms and conditions shall apply to AdProfit AB’s (hereinafter referred to as “AdProfit”) sales for Internet advertising (display, mobile, etc.)
1.2 The terms and conditions stated in the version effective at the time the order was approved shall apply, but may be amended. Any amendments to the terms and conditions must be approved prior campaign in writing.


2. Pricing and cancellation

2.1 The applicable price for the advertisement space, including/excluding VAT, is the total net price stated in the Confirmation Order.
2.2 Unless otherwise agreed with AdProfit through written notice the following cancellation policy applies: When the client confirm the Confirmation Order, it is obligated to pay a minimum fee that is based on how much impressions AdProfit have delivered from the original booking when the cancellation is done. The listed numbers below is applicable for all AdProfit campaigns:
– Campaign Delivery 0-10% = cancellation fee 25% of original Net Total in Confirmation Order
– Campaign Delivery 11-30% = cancellation fee 50% of original Net Total in Confirmation Order
– Campaign Delivery 31-60% = cancellation fee 75% of original Net Total in Confirmation Order
– Campaign Delivery 61-100% = cancellation fee 100% of original Net Total in Confirmation Order


3. Payment terms

3.1 AdProfit will send one (1) invoice handling the total net amount per started campaign unless otherwise agreed by written notice with AdProfit prior campaign start.
3.2 AdProfit payment terms are twenty (20) days. After two payment reminders AdProfit will ad penalty interest of 12% + late fee.


4. Measurement, statistics and results

4.1 All campaigns delivered by AdProfit will be measured through a certified partner (ad server system). The client will be entitled to all information regarding the campaign delivery (impressions, CTR, geo location etc. this does not include specific placements when buying a RON campaign). The campaign result is based on AdProfit’s preferred partner solely and statistics gained from other third party measurement systems will not be considered to evaluating the campaign results.


5. Creative’s

5.1 Please see our complete specification here: https://www.adprofit.se/en/material/
5.2 All campaign creative’s must be according to the terms in our specification.
5.3 The client is entitled to send creatives at the latest five (5) working days prior campaign start to traffic@adprofit.se