Our diverse product portfolio will generate leads, increase conversions, and expose your brand to executives and affluent individuals across Scandinavia.

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AdProfit Desktop is the core of our products and offers premium IAB-Standard formats throughout our network of over 50 B2B and Finance publishers. We recommend using multiple formats to ensure the success of your campaign.

Mobile Advertising example with ad


AdProfit Mobile allows you to reach your audience while they are on the go. Mobile Advertising is the market’s largest growing channel and has become one of our most popular products. We offer IAB-Standard formats along with more creative rich media solutions.


Engage your audience in a more creative and captivating way by using a video advertisement. You provide the video and we will take care of the rest.

Content Marketing

This product is growing rapidly and is increasingly becoming a part of every company’s marketing strategy. Content Marketing allows you to build brand loyalty and communicate on a deeper level with your audience. Need help creating content? Our editorial team will work closely with you and write the articles to ensure high quality content.


Have an awesome picture or video that deserves even more exposure? Wallpapers, Interstitials, and Takeovers will do them justice and make your audience want more.


Standalones enable you to reach a very specific target group through our databases. High open and engagement rates have made this product a popular option for targeted messaging.



AdProfit offers the first B2B and Finance Influencer Network in Sweden. Influencers are trusted by their followers and can, as their name implies, influence their audience. Our 20+ influencers have a wide reach across multiple social media platforms and offer a very direct line to your potential customers. We can tailor products to your needs, whether it be a simple Tweet or a more in-depth campaign with multiple channels of exposure.

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